Procrastination Station

I sit here in my bed, with my comfy blanket, an egg carton mattress cushion, and my insanely comfy body pillow staring at this screen realizing that I am the worst procrastinator.

I’ve spent the past hour switching between Twitter and Facebook and about 3 min of reading an article I have to write a paper on for class tomorrow morning. Needless to say the only thing typed on that paper currently is “1.”

Literally, the only thing on the page.

Also, in this hour, I have spent 30 min trying to decide if I should stay up later or wake up earlier to finish this paper. I have yet to come to a decision.

I could probably be at least halfway done with the paper by now but instead I’m sitting here, typing this craziness, and listening to Jimmy Needham. Who I am obsessed with.

I wish I could be playing corn hole right now.

That is seriously what just popped in my head right then. I’m never going to get anything done.

Also, I’ve been sending ridiculous selfies to friends again tonight.

But hey, at least I haven’t gotten lost in Pinterest tonight… yet.


There’s Nothing Like Kamp Friends


As I sit here texting multiple kamp friends and sending horrific selfies to others, I remember how blessed I am.
This summer I was unfathomably blessed with countless brother and sisters in Christ that I could literally depend on for anything. People that are so selfless, encouraging, loving, intentional, uplifting, and every other positive attribute one could have, I saw it this summer. This may be the first post about kamp and my family, but don’t ever think its the last. They have a piece of my heart, how can I not speak of their love frequently?
I would use the term ‘boys and girls’ alike but those aren’t accurate words to depict my friends family. Young men and women alike who all shared the common goal, to spread the love of Jesus Christ to these kampers in any way possible. I saw brothers and sister in Christ who daily died to themselves and served God in everything they do. Reminding me that there is so much in this world to be thankful for and to strive to be.
There really aren’t words to describe my love for them. The men showed me what Christ like men should be. They showed me that there are phenomenal men out there that aren’t into the patterns of this world. They are ‘1230’ through and through and they reflect God in all they do. They don’t demean or criticize women and what they look like, instead they see the beauty of us all as sisters in Christ. They are encouraging, loving, prayer warriors and an amazing example to the younger boys of this generation. I have a much higher standard of a Godly man now that I have known them all.
My sisters in Christ, they changed my life. They challenge, love, encourage, lift up, and adore one another and I adore them. We all experienced so much together but grew through each and every moment. I was shown what a Proverbs 31 is really and how to be the helper to your future spouse. I was encouraged beyond belief and I was loved on consistently and I was prayed for constantly. These women are a blessing in my life and I have never been more real with anyone so fast as I was with them. I can be completely me with them. Completely broken and know that they love me and remind me daily of who I am in Christ. At kamp I knew they were all there for me for anything and I for them. They are my sisters and I love them to pieces.
While kamp is over and we all have gone back to our small college lives, I am impacted by my family everyday. In memories, in posts, in messages, so many ways, I see them and feel them. I know without a doubt I can rely on all of them for prayer and support and even now, know that they would do anything for me and I for them as well. Years from now I will always remember the greatness and the bond of this family: the love, the support, the encouragement, and most importantly the mutual love for our Savior.
We are bonded in Him and working for Him.