Darling, lets be adventurers

I’ve been laying in my bed for the past hour trying to fall asleep, but sleep has evaded me. Maybe its because I’m afraid of what sounds like a bomb going off in the middle of the night again (that happened this morning. cannon at 7am, not a good idea) or maybe its because we play our big rivals tomorrow and I cant stand the thought of losing to them… and I’m not even the one playing. I wish it was one of these reasons, but tonight, I cant sleep because I have this overwhelming desire to take off.

You see, I am convinced I was born an adventurer. I want to go places. I want to see places. And I want to spread the love of Christ wherever he leads me. My heart and my whole body yearns to go somewhere. Right now. Maybe its a good thing I don’t have a car right now because I fear I may hop in and never look back.

I want to go to a small, country town where I know no one and just experience it. I want to go to a huge city and get lost and confused and take it all in. These places are calling my name. I look at the year of schooling I have left and know I can do it and this is where I am called to be, but I cant wait for the day that I’m called somewhere else to learn something new.

I am a huge proponent of learning from experience. I believe a year in another country could teach me more about the world than I could learn from ten years in school. But for now I wait. I’m going to do my best to quench my desire for adventure and a slight mode of recklessness until I graduate in a year and wonder off to the next place the Lord has me to go.

I cant wait for the day that I can see the world and to find God in the smallest of things. Because life is the little things you remember to love and appreciate in the moments. And to me, life is an adventure I can’t wait to experience further.