I love how God sends the right people and the right things to hear at exactly the right time.

At FCA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, tonight we watched a clip of the new movie “God’s Not Dead” and had small group discussions about it. I got put in charge to lead a group and to say I wasn’t particularly prepared in any aspect or even excited, is an understatement. I went into it all wrong and just started going through the motions of leading a small group like I have hundreds of times at kamp over the summers.

But there is a particular point of tonight that stuck out. We read Matthew 10:32-33, which reads,

“So everyone who acknowledges me before men, I also will acknowledge before my Father who is in heaven, but whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven.”

On our little cheat sheet of discussion questions, I read to the group, “How does it feel to hear that God will deny those who deny him? Is that too harsh? Why or why not?”

I honestly don’t know what I was expecting to hear, but one of my good friends Reed, spoke some of  the simplest yet truest words in reply. His words were, “Well, none of us even deserve to enter into His Kingdom. So if that’s considered harsh, that’s sad.”

I sat there a little taken aback for a second and let it sink in. He is so right. We don’t deserve His Kingdom. Nothing we do on our own on this earth is ever going to give us merit to enter His Kingdom.

Newsflash: God doesn’t need us.

But He wants us.

The creator of the universe wants us. He wants me. And we are so undeserving. So if the words Jesus spoke are considered harsh, that truly is sad.

God shows us unending grace and love. If we see Him claiming that if we deny Him, he will deny us as harsh, we have it all wrong.

I don’t ever want to lose sight of why I’m here. I want to burn with the desire to tell everyone about Christ. I don’t even want denial to ever cross my mind so that instead of Jesus denying me before God in heaven I get to hear, “Well done good and faithful servant.”

God is real. He is light. He is truth. He is all powerful. He is grace. He is love. He is just. He is fair. He is majesty. He is hope. He is faith. And He is alive!