Just the other week, I laid out by the little lake in the middle of campus surrounded by seven of the most important people in my life currently. We were all strewn across the grass in little clusters or by ourselves just enjoying the last few days we had with each other before summer split us up for the time being.

As I laid there gazing at the stars, a little set apart by the rest of my friends, I had one of the most profound and amazing realizations. It may seem so cheesy, or miniscule to other people, but in the moment, God spoke to me through his creation.

I stared at the big dipper for the longest time and realized if anyone ever needed an example of something being constant, there it is, right up in the sky. 22 years old, that big dipper sits up in the sky. 22 years ago, the big dipper was still there. 20 years from now, it will most likely be there.

I get that if God wanted to, he could totally rearrange the stars and I could no longer be there, but I’m going to go with the fact that he’s going to keep it for awhile.

And because He has placed that up in the sky, He shows us how He is constant.

Regardless of where I am in life, where I am physically on the globe, how old I am, who I am surrounded by, how low I might get, even in the highs of life, those stars are up there.

To me, the sky, and most influentially to me, the stars, represent how constant God’s love is.

Wherever we are, He is there. And He is constant.

That night, I shared this revelation with my friend Jenny, who actually encouraged me to write this. It took me so long to try and explain how I was feeling in that moment and what it meant to me. Thankfully, she was patient and got it and shared the feeling with me. But even as I write this, it is so hard for me to even put into words how it resonated with me.

I cant wait to, if God willing, sit out on the front lawn of my own house one day, with my own family and explain to them the way the stars, and how I see God through them, means to me. How the presence of God is constant to me just by seeing the stars in the sky.

God created them. He placed them in the sky where He wanted them to be.

Christ died for us thousands of years ago, and the same love he had for us then, is still constant.

He is unwavering. He is unchanging. He is constant.