Being Thankful- Day 7

I’ve always loved kids.

Growing up I helped in the nursery at my church, led Vacation Bible School groups, and babysit a ton. Now at CofO, I work in the Daycare with the 2 year olds. This summer I got to nanny two little kids. Friday, I got to spend my evening being a human jungle gym and punching bag to 30 CofO faculty children. Last night, I helped Ramsey chase around 11 kids. In two weeks, I return to the Daycare for one last semester.

Needless to say, I cant stay away from kids and I have always wanted 3 or more of my own.

So today, I am thankful for children.

I’m thankful for their hearts and their unconditional love. The way they can just meet you and a minute later already be jumping off dressers and expecting you to catch them. I’m thankful for the way they cuddle with you because nothing is much better than that to brighten up your day. I’m thankful for the goofy moments when they tell you they cant wait to meet my own kids one day. Im thankful for it all, even if they may drive me insane occasionally.

Even when they continuously ask me what my boyfriends name is while pointing to Luke (holla Ruthie Bell), I am thankful for them. Cause cmon on, regardless of how untrue it is, its precious.

I’m thankful for their childlike faith and how they think Jesus does yoga (thanks Willow), and how they insist God wants me to have a boyfriend (shoutout to Keegan).

They brighten my day and they bring so much joy and light in this world. So I am always thankful for children.


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