Being Thankful- Day 8


Tonight, I am thankful for my Fossil family.

I started working there in February and have grown to love it so much. Its not the job. Its not the retail. Its not always the product. But what makes it worth going in and spending my days, is the people. Management is a hoot. The staff is all so fun and friendly and whether you have worked there a week or a year, you are treated like family.

Tonight, we had a goodbye celebration for one of the best managers around and a send off for all the associates that are leaving to go back to college. Like 70% of our staff is leaving for the fall semester and it is such a bummer.

We have all had so many stories and shared experiences together that we could probably write a book. I am continuously laughing and having a good time and its truly a blast.

Yes, we may sometimes irritate each other. We may have our own bad days occasionally. We may be on the struggle bus frequently. But it all makes us a family. And I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world.



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