Being Thankful – Day 9

Today marked the beginning of my last Character Camp. Sorry in advance for all the CC related posts in the next two weeks cause it will be my life. But the experience is growing in wondrous ways!

For anyone that doesn’t know what Character Camp is, its a freshman orientation program that CofO puts all incoming students (most being freshman) into. Its an 8 day thing where each freshman gets put into a ‘family’ to hang out with and build relationships the whole week. It is used to help freshman get accommodated and comfortable in this hectic, new situation.

Well Luke and I are ‘mom’ and ‘pop’. Which means we get to be their ‘parents’ for the week and lead this family of 10 freshman. This is our 5th time and this is quite possibly the most excited I have been.

Anyways, today we had training, skit practices and shopping for gifts and snacks for our fam. Then we went to the office and worked then played Settlers of Catan with Elana and Vincent.

So today, I am thankful for spontaneous and fun game nights in the midst of stress. Even though I sucked at the game, (I am a total sore loser), it was so fun to hangout with people I haven’t seen much of or even really know that well and just get to have fun and not worry about the stress. OH and I am also thankful for encouraging talks with Elana after the game. (:

Enjoy the down times when you get them!


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