Being Thankful- Day 10

Tonight I am thankful for the other Character Camp moms and pops and the community they bring.

The past three days our lives have been filled with getting to know each other, share advice, learn the schedule and practicing for some of the most ridiculous skits. Every one of them has impacted me in some way and has put so much into this experience already!

Tonight, we had a worship night where we all got together and got to just worship our Lord and Savior. There was laughter, beautiful music, tears, powerful prayers, touching scripture shared and most importantly, the Spirit was moving and alive!

I was surrounded by real people. People that have been struggling and stressed just as much as I have been and we were all able to give it all to the Lord. He works in amazing ways I cant even describe and I could have stayed in the auditorium with those people all night long.

I was touched by the caring nature of some tonight and the thoughtful ones as well. One of my good friends, Trey, came over and prayed for me and this week. First off, I bawl any and every time someone prays for me. It just happens. So of course I bawled. And it was so meaningful because he prayed for things I had just been praying for and he thanked me for the work put in during training. He cared. Another ‘mom’ that I hardly knew before this week came up to me and gave me a huge hug and spoke kind words as well. And then two more at least throughout the day and I was overwhelmed by the love and support of these people. Despite the level of which I know them, we all support each other and are willing to be real and vulnerable in front of each other.

I am so thankful for these other ‘parents’ and I can not wait to see what God has in store for the coming week and our families and each other.

The Lord is good y’all. He is so good.


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