Being Thankful- Day 11

Today is the official start of Character Camp Fall 2k14!

Earlier this evening, we got to meet the ten students we would call family for the next 8 days! Right off the bat, their smiles were so encouraging. These kids don’t know us and I sure as heck don’t know them…(yet) but we get this amazing opportunity to build relationships with them and many others over the next week. I’m sure Family 7 will be all over my posts the next few days cause I am already beyond thankful for them.

But today I am thankful for something else.

Today, I am thankful for the confidence I have in Christ and the ability to be comfortable making a fool out of myself.

I would consider myself a born leader, but I never really was the one to be on stage and comfortable directly in the spotlight. Tonight, as I was literally on stage in the middle of the spotlight rapping to 300 freshmen I have never met before, I was so thankful to remember who I got this awesome opportunity and gift from.

There is no way that I could rap on stage or be goofy or make a fool out of myself in front of so many people without having that confidence in God. God has put me and so many others, especially this week, in roles where we are challenged and pushed out of our comfort zones so that these freshmen are welcomed and taken care of.

So what if I mess up some lines? So what if I trip and fall in front of everyone? So what if I smear peanut butter all over my face? Yeah, I look crazy and goofy, but thank God I am His and He has given me the chance to help impact these kids lives.

If that means I continue to be goofy and still love on these kids, I’m all in. Its not about me. Its about letting the Lord touch their lives and spark a growth in their lives these next few years and I am beyond blessed to be a part of that.


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