Being Thankful- Day 12

As Character Camp is in full swing now, I am continuously floored by the opportunity God and this school has given me. I get to hangout with 10 freshmen and pour into them and pretty much have a blast and a half with them. We have so many different perosnalities that is mixed in with our family and our cousin family, that boredom really isn’t an option.

So today, I am thankful for laughter. Throughout the Challenge Course, lake trip, volleyball fun and Festival of Interpretive Arts (FIA) practice, I have laughed a ridiculous amount, FIA practice especially. I’m always surprised how willing people are to put aside their fears and get up in front of a ton of people and dance. Our fam, our cousin fam, and Abby and Jason’s fam got to practice tonight and let me tell you, its only going to get better from here.

Also, the fams learned how to sound like a seal at the lake today and I almost peed my pants.

I love the serious moments, but thank God for the laughter cause it rejuvenates my soul and brings endless joy to my heart.


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