Right now, that’s what everything is to me. New apartment. New city. New state. New school. New job (hopefully soon). New people. New places. New everything.

While this is slightly intimidating, its so much more exhilarating. I say that now because I have finally dragged myself out of my apartment refusing to be intimidated. The apartment I have basically holed up in the past two days, laying on my couch, binge watching Hawaii Five-O. (Bring on the judgmental looks). Yeah, I have driven around and gotten lost in my tiny town already, but that’s not much to be proud of. Baby steps right?

But today. I’m currently sitting in the Panera in Fayetteville, Arkansas loving this day. I’ve spent the past four and a half years in the same town where no matter where you go, you always end up running into someone you know. Now I am sitting in a city, that reminds me oh so much of home in California, where I know roughly 4 people. Seriously, four may be overestimating. But its so refreshing.

Yeah I miss my friends like crazy. And give me about two more days of not knowing anyone and I may start going crazy. But right now there is a peace in this new situation. I know this is where I am supposed to be and I cant wait to see what the Lord has in store. (Maybe even more binge watching Hawaii Five-O).

Its a new place. New people. New adventure.